Surviving winter holidays – Part I: Sleep and Air Travel


Ah, winter holidays…  It’s this time of the year again, when caution goes out the window.  ‘Tis the season to be indulging in lots of baked and sweet food, alcohol, partying, long nights and, sometimes, hectic travel schedules to reunite with your families. Perhaps there is a reason why most people make their New Year’s resolutions at year-end and why a lot of these are going to involve losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, in general – after all, these resolutions are made after or right around the parties subside and you realize you have gained a few extra pounds after eating too many cookies and candy canes, drinking too many eggnogs and munching some questionable party food. Some […]

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Genetically modified organisms: the real facts

Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are restricted or banned in more than 60 countries in the world, but happily ingested by unsuspecting consumers in the USA, Canada, China, India, Brazil, Paraguay, South Africa, Uruguay, Australia and many other countries. Even if a country does not commercially grow genetically modified crops (like the EU, for example, that only had small-scale field trials so far) doesn’t necessarily mean that population in that country is not consuming them – with Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) now in place, US may import genetically modified crops into EU (which they do).  This includes human food, animal feed, agricultural crops and products from GMO- fed animals. What’s the big deal?  Let’s take a closer look.

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Nourishing good bacteria to improve health

bad and good bacteria

From early age we are taught to kill bacteria – antibiotics, anti-bacterial soaps, sanitizing wipes, washing hands 50 times a day… Modern nutrition and medical practices exacerbate the problem even more, making us “too clean” sometimes. As a result, we create and promote perfect conditions for many debilitating diseases. The fix, however, may be quite simple – and may have a profound effect on how you feel, look, think and function…

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Is coffee bad for you?

The attitude toward coffee seems to have changed several times over the last few decades and  even now the range of these opinions is quite wide – some people would not touch coffee, blaming it for every possible symptom they experience, while some others swear by it and consider it a health elixir.  Some people consider caffeine bad and only drink coffee if it is decaffeinated, while people in some cultures drink 6 cups a day and seem to be doing OK.  Your head must be spinning by now and you might be wondering what to believe – but then again, if you have been reading this blog for any period of time, you realize by now that conventional advice and articles you might read […]

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