10 ideas to increase productivity and get more done

Imrprove Productivity

“How do I increase productivity?”

“How do some people get so many things done?!”

“24 hours in a day is not enough!”

“I’m so busy that I don’t even have time to sleep!”

How many times have you heard people say those things?  Perhaps you are making the same statements and asking the same questions?

Achieving better productivity seems to be on everyone’s wishlist.  But very few people actually get to master the science of productivity and get things done on time and with little stress. That’s why knowing how to be productive will get you ahead of most of them.

Today’s article will offer you 10 ideas on how to increase productivity that you can implement immediately.   It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve and in what area – it could be in sports, work or personal life – the principles are all the same.  Make a few simple changes – and you will be amazed to see how much your productivity surges and how much you will get done!

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On Complacency and Assigning Fault

Why is it that we are often so good at assigning fault for our own failures to somebody (or something) else and failing to accept responsibility for our actions?  We keep blaming others for not getting things we feel we are entitled to and when assigning blame still doesn’t help us get them, we use some twisted logic to try to justify why being where we are is actually still OK.  We, somehow, continue to feel good about ourselves even when we don’t achieve our goals and continue to be mediocre, at best.

Luckily for those who follow the approach of assigning blame, the targets are always abundant.

We teach our kids not to mind the scores during team games, citing potential discouragement and loss of interest if they feel it is a result of their own bad play and lack of effort.  Participation is more important than winning, we tell them.  After all, if they lose – it’s not their fault.  The other team cheated.  The weather was bad.  The turf was unfamiliar.  But that’s OK, it’s not their fault.

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On Time Management and Setting Priorities

So many people wish they had 48-hour days to be able to do more.  “Time Management” – a term that was unheard of several decades ago – is, all of a sudden, a very hot topic because of the demands of the modern era and its information overload – these days you are expected to be able to handle more things than ever before.

Not having enough time (or not being able to find time when truly necessary) is one of the most important reasons for not reaching your true potential.  You wish you were fit, but you can’t find time to go to the gym.  You wish you learned a new skill, but can’t find time to study, because [insert your own reason].  You have an important project due at work, but between your current tasks and emergencies – don’t know how to squeeze in the hours needed to work on it.

Your to-do list keeps growing and growing and soon enough – you have so many items that you are stressed even thinking about them.  How many times did you find yourself lost because you had to tackle a huge list of activities, all of which seemed equally important, and didn’t know where to start?

Well, how about starting with these few tips as your guiding principles?

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