Is red meat bad? (Part II – IGF-1, risk of cancer and more)

Is meat bad for you

Let’s continue our discussion that we started in Part I and see if there really is any association between meat and cancer. It’s different if you already have a pathology It is often implied that high-protein diet causes damage to your kidneys by “overloading” them with nitrogen by-products of protein digestion (that they naturally metabolise and excrete) – but as a healthy individual, you will have difficulty overconsuming protein, since your body has natural regulatory mechanisms that drive the desire for protein-containing foods.  So you are unlikely to ever eat too much. But is it correct to say that eating any amount will put a strain on your kidneys?  Should you specifically reduce protein consumption to avoid damaging them? The […]

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How to build muscle – the right way (Part I – Rest, Recovery and Nutrition)

Most of the time, women’s fitness and athletic goals do not involve gaining muscle. If anything, becoming “bulky” and “too muscular” remains the biggest and largely unfounded fear that, sadly,  stops most women from touching heavy weights and leads to compromises with cardio and safe and “female-friendly” exercise machines, instead.   Nevertheless, the principles described in this article are equally applicable to women, although they will not result in significant muscle growth because of the lack of sufficient testosterone in females with normal hormonal balance.  Testosterone plays a key role in muscle growth and, while most women still have this hormone in their system, the levels are not nearly comparable to the levels usually present in males.  That said – what […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Eating Better Meat – Part II

(Continued from Part I – Buyer’s Guide) Part II – Food safety, poisoning, and how to cook meat the right way   Disclaimer:  The risks of food poisoning due to improper cooking – especially for certain susceptible groups of people – are real and consumption of undercooked food may lead to serious illness or, certain cases, death. This article does not constitute and is not intended to be used as medical, microbiological, or any other advice.  While the topics discussed in this article appear to have been researched and supported by various scientific sources, make sure you understand them and thoroughly research this topic further, prior to making any changes in your dietary habits.  Due to many variables affecting the risk of contamination, […]

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