6 big myths and misconceptions in healthy eating

healthy eating myths debunked

When it comes to healthy eating, there are many myths and misconceptions that just won’t die.  Some of them may be silly, while some others may be dangerous, because following them may lead to the results opposite to what you would expect (to the detriment of your health). The funny thing is that most people who propagate them by trying to “educate” their friends have no idea why they need to follow these “guidelines” – they were just told to, at some point, by another friend, a popular magazine or even doctors, who got stuck in the last century and didn’t care to update their knowledge with the latest research. Are any of these myths worth believing in?  See for […]

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Skinny Fat: When Losing Weight is Not Good

skinny fat parade

A very common mistake of “losing weight” can totally mess up your health. How often have you seen thin people resembling oversized stick figures? How often have you secretly wished you were skinny? Perhaps because the media constantly promotes the image of light-weight and slim models – or perhaps you think this would be a healthier version of yourself? Here is why you might have been wrong about this.

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Yoga and the Magnificent Illusion of Fitness and Health


Yoga is a concept totally hijacked and overused to ultimately create a multi-billion dollar industry, capitalizing on the illusion of health and fitness. Surprisingly, tens of millions of people (mostly females) throughout the world fall victim to masterful marketing and waste their time on something that was never intended as a method to achieve the goals they have in mind. Are there better alternatives? You bet!

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Calories and why counting them is not a good idea

counting calories

Counting calories remains the most popular method to lose weight – yet, millions of people following it do not realize that they are dead wrong in their assumptions. Yes, it is a concept that is easy to understand, track (and sell) – but real life cannot be simplified to a couple of easy equations. Here is why relying on this method is a bad idea and what to do instead.

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Strength training for women: how to burn fat and look awesome

Today, once again, we are going to talk about strength training. For women the benefit of lifting weights for weight loss don’t seem to be apparent.  After all, many generations of females have been conditioned to resort to aerobic exercise any time they had a goal of trimming off body fat.  Strength training for women isn’t really a mainstream approach, because lifting weights has traditionally been perceived as a masculine activity and reserved for men. But if you are a woman and consciously avoid free weights – you are missing out on a LOT of benefits.  Burning body fat is just one of them. This is the best kept secret of the fitness industry that we are going to explore.

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Being vegan: facts beyond the marketing hype

Vegan diet

In case you’ve been living in a bubble last 10 years or so – there is a huge vegan movement going on in a lot of countries that is changing the way people eat, dress and even choose regular consumer products.  Veganism is taking the world by storm.  The web is full of vegan recipes, publishers – big and small – produce hundreds of huge vegan cookbooks, vegan restaurants pop up even in the most remote areas and, vegan diets are considered by many the healthiest alternative of the modern day. The majority of people however, seduced by the widely advertised allure of healthy eating, lack of animal cruelty and other general benefits jump on the bandwagon without fully understanding […]

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Debunking 7 health myths and nutritional misconceptions

Throughout our lives, we accumulate a huge baggage of health-related tips and facts that we hear from our parents and grandparents, read in magazines, pick up from marketing materials or get forwarded on the internet by concerned friends and just accept as “common knowledge.”  We rarely stop to think and question them, even though a lot of the tips and advice we take for granted and consider useful may actually be a collection of myths that just never die. While falling prey to some of these myths may only mean a minor inconvenience, following some other bits of this common advice may have far reaching consequences.  In today’s article we will look at just a few of those pseudo-facts and […]

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