Electromagnetic radiation and your health (Part I, background)

RF radiation

Electromagnetic radiation around you The future is friendly – or so you believe.  With advances in technology and the inevitable development of the Internet of Things, your house – as well as the houses of your neighbors, your offices, coffee shops and pretty much all locations are now hosting multiple “smart” devices, WiFi networks, Bluetooth speakers, cellular phones, wireless chargers and other wonders of civilization. All of this is easy to get excited about – an environment where most devices are connected to each other and to the Internet, where you can roam free and seamlessly synchronize your work or entertainment across multiple devices without the limitation of tangled wires or busy hands, where the processing power of an average […]

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Sauna benefits: get stronger and live longer


Sometimes, there is only a very slight difference between high performers and those who just spin their wheels.  The latter often do most of the things high performers do, but still fail to achieve the same results.  This is because high performers know about and implement little tricks that may seem unimportant at first but which, in combination, make a significant difference.  Each incremental effort, each little detail can provide that slight edge and lead to greater results. One of such tricks that can make you stronger, healthier, leaner and more resilient is quite simple, but yet –little known to most people.  We are, of course, talking about hyperthermic conditioning, more commonly referred to as “sauna”. When it comes to […]

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Is red meat bad? (Part II – IGF-1, risk of cancer and more)

Is meat bad for you

Let’s continue our discussion that we started in Part I and see if there really is any association between meat and cancer. It’s different if you already have a pathology It is often implied that high-protein diet causes damage to your kidneys by “overloading” them with nitrogen by-products of protein digestion (that they naturally metabolise and excrete) – but as a healthy individual, you will have difficulty overconsuming protein, since your body has natural regulatory mechanisms that drive the desire for protein-containing foods.  So you are unlikely to ever eat too much. But is it correct to say that eating any amount will put a strain on your kidneys?  Should you specifically reduce protein consumption to avoid damaging them? The […]

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How to live longer, slow down aging and feel awesome

Slow down agina

Are you dreading the time you will start aging? Perhaps you are very far from that point in life – but your current habits have a lot of influence on what happens then. Here are a few simple rules that will help you make sure that your golden years do not mean memory loss, lack of mobility, wrinkles and chronic diseases and that you will, instead, remain full of vitality, health, strength and energy.

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Skinny Fat: When Losing Weight is Not Good

skinny fat parade

A very common mistake of “losing weight” can totally mess up your health. How often have you seen thin people resembling oversized stick figures? How often have you secretly wished you were skinny? Perhaps because the media constantly promotes the image of light-weight and slim models – or perhaps you think this would be a healthier version of yourself? Here is why you might have been wrong about this.

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Building muscle after 40 (Part II)

building muscle after 40

Continuing from Part I, we will look into how to prevent age-related muscle loss to extend your life, reduce the risk of injuries and dangerous metabolic disorders. Start implementing these tips today to build a strong foundation for the future!

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Fit at 40 and beyond – Part I (losing muscle mass)

Fit at 40

The risks of not being fit at 40 and beyond are very real. Can you afford to ignore them? What if you never really exercised properly – is it ever too late to start? Let’s start looking into the science of how you can reverse aging, retain agility and strength and look great!

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