Nutritional Ketosis, Part I – the State of being a Superman

Bacon, eggs, fat

Very few metabolic states are as misunderstood as nutritional ketosis – even by medical professionals. Yet, following a ketogenic diet may be one of the best changes you can make to improve a lot of things – body composition, energy levels, mental performance and even multiple health markers and overall longevity. So, what exactly is ketosis? Here is what you need to know…

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Calories and why counting them is not a good idea

counting calories

Counting calories remains the most popular method to lose weight – yet, millions of people following it do not realize that they are dead wrong in their assumptions. Yes, it is a concept that is easy to understand, track (and sell) – but real life cannot be simplified to a couple of easy equations. Here is why relying on this method is a bad idea and what to do instead.

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The essential guide to vitamins and minerals – Part I

Vitamins and Supplements

Multi-vitamins are good, right? What can be easier than taking one pill a day to ensure you get all important vitamins and minerals in a convenient package (if you remember to take it, that is)? Well, if you have been diligently doing just that – you might be surprised to know how small of an effect (if any) it might have had.

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Quitting Bread: Why Adopt a Grain Free Diet

Grain based products

Quitting grains is one of the most difficult decisions for some people to make – a lot of us are very addicted to the smell of fresh bread, the sound of a perfect crust and the satisfaction that comes from eating bakery products. The problem is, though, that grains are not only unremarkable nutritionally – they may be downright dangerous and a clear disadvantage to anyone who cares about their performance, well being and longevity.

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