Quitting Bread: Why Adopt a Grain Free Diet

Grain based products

Quitting grains is one of the most difficult decisions for some people to make – a lot of us are very addicted to the smell of fresh bread, the sound of a perfect crust and the satisfaction that comes from eating bakery products. The problem is, though, that grains are not only unremarkable nutritionally – they may be downright dangerous and a clear disadvantage to anyone who cares about their performance, well being and longevity.

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Nourishing good bacteria to improve health

bad and good bacteria

From early age we are taught to kill bacteria – antibiotics, anti-bacterial soaps, sanitizing wipes, washing hands 50 times a day… Modern nutrition and medical practices exacerbate the problem even more, making us “too clean” sometimes. As a result, we create and promote perfect conditions for many debilitating diseases. The fix, however, may be quite simple – and may have a profound effect on how you feel, look, think and function…

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What is better than donating to find a cure?

Rarely a day goes by, when you don’t get bombarded by multiple calls to action to participate in some sort of an activity that is aimed to beat some sort of a bad disease.  Fundraisers, activities to “create awareness”, sales of various items where the proceeds are donated to research – the world at large seems to be constantly engaged in some grandiose charitable event.  The majority of people think It’s for a good cause – and spend countless hours running, riding, walking, climbing, rowing, shaving, singing and engaging in a lot of other activities to conquer ___________ (insert your disease of choice). With so much collective effort spent and money raised by countless foundations established with a vaguely-defined mission of […]

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