What is better than donating to find a cure?

Rarely a day goes by, when you don’t get bombarded by multiple calls to action to participate in some sort of an activity that is aimed to beat some sort of a bad disease.  Fundraisers, activities to “create awareness”, sales of various items where the proceeds are donated to research – the world at large seems to be constantly engaged in some grandiose charitable event.  The majority of people think It’s for a good cause – and spend countless hours running, riding, walking, climbing, rowing, shaving, singing and engaging in a lot of other activities to conquer ___________ (insert your disease of choice).

With so much collective effort spent and money raised by countless foundations established with a vaguely-defined mission of beating cancers, heart disease or stroke, we are still not much closer to doing this than, say, 30 years ago. In fact, World Health Organization predicts that the number of new diagnosed cases of cancer is expected to grow 50% by the year 2020.  Diabetes rates more than doubled in the last 20 years and some researchers predict that a whopping 40% of Americans (where the proliferation of this disease is the most serious) will develop type 2 diabetes during their adult lives.   Yet, this is a disease that is almost exclusively dependent on your diet and activity and this risk can be easily managed with a few simple rules.

Isn’t it time to evaluate if we are, maybe, not doing something right?  Are our efforts misdirected?

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