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That is why this page was created.

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The basics

Most people resort to diets as a way to alter their body shape (one way or the other).  If you are among them, start with understanding what calories (which so many dieticians refer to) are not and the huge misunderstanding surrounding them:

Calories and why counting them doesn’t matter

Make sure you know that it’s not about just losing weight, but rather losing unwanted body fat (the weight can actually go up):

Skinny fat: when losing weight is not good

This article will help you understand why you can’t keep using conventional weight loss methods:

Why you cannot lose weight

while these two teach you how to avoid common mistakes in the process and only stick to what actually works:

How to lose weight by avoiding these 6 common mistakes

Lose weight for good and ditch diet plans and don’t work


This article explains why it may be paramount for your goals to eliminate grains:

Quitting bread: why adopt a grain-free diet

while this one discusses the dangers of soy:

Soy: friend or foe?

You will notice that the general theme throughout the website when it comes to dietary habits is limited carb consumption.  In most cases, you don’t always have to go to extremes (in fact, a sane cheat day might be a very good strategy), but if you were interested in what that can do for you (and why you would even consider this), read the three-part series on benefits of ketogenic diets:

Part 1: Nutritional ketosis: introduction

Part 2: Ketogenic diet in weight control and sports

Part 3: Health benefits: ketogenic diets, cancer and more

For many people, the concept of healthy eating has been associated with overly restrictive dietary protocols, some of which just do not make sense.  The following articles attempt to bust some of these myths.

First, there is a lot of wrong info surrounding meat and other animal protein and potential diseases this might lead to – so make sure you understand the facts presented in the following series.

Part 1: Is red meat bad? (Gathering the facts)

Part 2: Is red meat bad? (IGF-1, risk of cancer and more)

Even better, once you understand the basics, read the 3-part series on how to source, select, cook and consume good meat:

Part 1: The ultimate guide to eating better meat – buyer’s guide

Part 2: The ultimate guide to eating better meat – more facts

Part 3: The ultimate guide to eating better meat – six reasons to eat organ meats

It is also extremely important to get the real facts surrounding dietary fats – most of the stuff you might have heard before was probably incorrect.

Here are a few primers on saturated and unsaturated fats and their real function:

What you didn’t know about bad fats and good fats

Oils and fats that rule your life (and lethal dangers of making wrong choices)

Key benefits of coconut oil

Closely related is the article on cholesterol and whether you should really fear it as much as you are told:

Dietary cholesterol redeemed

And, finally, this article on deep-frying should give you a lot of food for thought:

Why deep fried food is such a bad food (even in moderate amounts)


Of course, most of your food should be clean and, preferably, if possible – organic:

Eating organic – is it worth the effort?

Genetically modified organisms – the real facts

Juice detoxes (and detox protocols in general) are extremely popular among people try to get healthier and think they are doing themselves a huge favor.  Here is an article on potential dangers of juicing and ineffectiveness of detox protocols:

Overstated benefits of juicing: the ugly truth

Prefer vegetarian/vegan lifestyle?  You might want to read this:

Being vegan: facts beyond the marketing hype




Exercise is secondary to proper nutrition, but it is still extremely important for general health and longevity – but only when done right.

Start with understanding the pitfalls of common “cardio” as preached by many celebrity trainers:

The hidden dangers of running and other cardio

Or perhaps you are in to yoga – nothing wrong with it, but make sure you are not expecting more from it than it can deliver:

Yoga and the magnificent illusion of fitness and health

When you decide to move on to real exercise and in awesome shape – there are many ways to do so, but you definitely should include the three main exercises below into your routine:



Bench press

This advice is for both genders, but if you have fears as a woman, read why women should lift weights:

Alpha women lift weights – here is why

and how this really is the best thing they can do:

Strength training for women: how to burn fat and look awesome

If you are over or nearing 40, the two-part series specific to that age group can provide additional benefit and explain the pitfalls.

Part 1: Fit at 40 and beyond

Part 2: Building muscle after 40 – and why it can save your life

In designing your routine, make sure avoid common gym mistakes:

Working out but not losing weight? Here is how to avoid the biggest 10 gym training mistakes

If you need motivation to exercise, read this:

How to get motivated to exercise

And if you are coming back to training after a long break, you may find the following ultra-simple diet and exercise plan useful:

How to get back in shape: the ultra-simple diet and exercise plan

And, of course, this section would not be complete without the series on how to build muscle:

Part 1: Rest, recovery and nutrition

Part 2: Supplements

Part 3: Training for hypertrophy


Start with understanding common supplement selection pitfalls:

Supplement selection pitfalls – and things to keep in mind

Then read through the 5-part guide on important vitamins and minerals below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Many other factors are important for health – here is a sample of other topics you might find interesting.

Importance of sleep:

Improving sleep to improve sleep and performance

Avoiding plastics and other chemical contaminants:

BPA and other chemicals you are still exposed to

The ban on triclosan

Spending enough time in the sun:

Sun exposure, skin cancer and hidden dangers of sunscreens

Although related to (and influenced by) the factors above, heart health is the subject of a separate 3-part series.

Part 1: Heart disease and cardiovascular health

Part 2: Heart rate variability and food for cardiovascular health

Part 3: Regeneration, genetics and supplements



The links above do not, by any means, represent an exhaustive list.  So, once you go through them – keep exploring and browsing the website.  You may find a lot of hidden gems that will serve you well!