What we preach and why you should listen

First of all – huge thanks for visiting this page! Considering truly enormous amount of available information on the various topics covered on this website, getting found and appreciated in this crowd is no easy task – and we truly appreciate every single one of you, our valued readers!

One thing you might realize once you start reading our articles is that a lot of what you can find on the Internet doesn’t serve you very well. In fact, a lot of what you thought you knew may be doing you a huge disservice. There is one simple reason:


Yep – when it comes to physical exercise, health, nutrition and personal development, there is too much unsupported, made up, flat out deceptive and, very often, dangerous information that is being propagated, shared, repeated and taken for granted.

The number of people who believe all this junk is absolutely mind-boggling. We can’t really blame them – after all, whatever is often accepted as unquestionable dogma comes from sources that seem to be very authoritative. Only once you start realizing how much of a profit motive may be behind all the advice you have been listening to does everything start looking more controversial. Only after you connect with a community of real people who have been achieving great results doing something opposite to what is typically suggested do you start understanding that there are other, better options. Only after you dive into the actual science and statistics behind some commonly-accepted rules do you finally start realizing that a lot of these rules are horribly wrong.

Well, it’s time for a REVOLUTION.

It’s time to take charge of your health, looks and performance – and to do this in the most effective way possible.

Why you should read this website or favor it over anything else, you may ask? You don’t have to, of course. There may be a few other excellent sources of truthful information that you might find useful. But what we tried to do here, at The Ultimate Alpha Project, is create a “one-stop shop”, where we bring you the boiled-down version of latest cutting-edge research, personal experiences, news and busted myths. We understand your struggles and can help you get better at everything you do.

Every single article we publish has references to relevant scientific sources. Every single piece of advice has been personally tested by our team. We do not give you popular advice – we give you what works. There is no fluff, no marketing, no “before and after” pictures and no spam. We are straight-to-the-point, fact-based, and relentless (even harsh, sometimes) when it comes to changing your lives for the better. We really, really, REALLY want to help you become a better version of you – with incredible mental sharpness, awesome physique and vibrant health.

Consider this an invitation to embark on this journey with us. Where this journey will ultimately take you – this is for you to decide.  But for now – welcome to the world of Ultimate Alphas.

We really hope you will not be disappointed and enjoy your stay!

The Ultimate Alpha Project Team