Surviving Winter Holidays – Part II: Party Food and Alcohol

Christmas Party Food

Surviving Party Food

Party food is always a challenge – there is usually very little chance that it is healthy for you.

Winter holidays often mean you are going to be exposed to all sorts of bad, baked and sugary party food.  Cookies, cakes, gingerbread houses, candy canes, stuffing for turkeys (featuring questionable-quality grains and bread), apple pies, raisin puddings, etc.  Even if everything is done from scratch with real ingredients (and most home cooks these days, unfortunately, resort to using pre-made stuff out of a box or a bag – made with questionable processed and chemical-laden stuff), the mere amount of carbohydrates overall and grain products and sugar in particular, is enough to derail people with the most resilient health.  The result is – extra body weight, decline in performance (including mental performance) and, generally, feeling like crap.

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