Weight training for kids – best workout or a way to stunt growth?

weight training for kids

We have previously seen how unsubstantiated fears kept most women away from weights for many decades because someone, somewhere took a liberty of defining women as overly fragile, helpless beings that were unable (and unwilling) to ever lift more than the weight of their purses.  (Of course, producers of 0.5lb barbells missed the fact that just to be prepared for the challenges of everyday life, women would need to lift, push, squat and carry much higher weights – like their own babies).

In any case, hopefully, you realize by now that when we compare males and females – there are more similarities than differences in metabolic pathways, muscular function and useful methods to achieve athletic and health goals.  So this limiting belief does females a great disservice.

But a similar ill advice and unsubstantiated fears are now defining our attitudes towards weight training for kids.  Most parents still have many reservations when it comes to weight training for kids – because they have heard, at some point, that lifting weights stunts growth (and that lifting free weights causes injuries, generally speaking).

How much of it is true?  Does weight lifting stunt grown in children, as many people believe?  Are there benefits of weight training as a part of structured exercise early in life? And, if you are a parent – what should you know about your child’s training protocols?

Let’s try to take a closer look.

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Tired of being tired? Here is how to avoid fatigue and boost your energy

feeling tired

A lot of people these days complain about feeling tired all the time.

It’s true that the pace of life seems to be picking up with each day – most people have to deal with multiple distractions, tasks and problems – which often takes significant effort and results in the lack of energy.  We are all busy – so busy, in fact, that most of us admit to getting less sleep than we need.  Quickly eating on the go (because who wants to waste time on a formal sit-down meal in a relaxing environment, when you have so many tasks to complete, right?) makes stellar dietary choices difficult – and results in consumption of loads of junk that makes us fat, slow, sleepy, tired and dissatisfied with everything.

Many food and drink producers seem to be offering a helping hand in fighting this lack of energy.  From seemingly benign coffee, tightly intertwined into many cultures, to “energy drinks” (that contain a wide variety of compounds and make an even wider variety of claims to “give you wings” – or at least keep you alert and focused) – there appears to be plenty of solutions.

But before you attempt to artificially boost your energy (and, if you overdo it – give yourself heart palpitations, anxiety and sleep problems in the process) – perhaps it makes sense to try to understand why you have a lack of energy in the first place.  If you are feeling sleepy and sluggish during the day, if you were rather left alone, if you drag yourself everywhere you need to go, if you cannot concentrate on the task on hand and if your solution to this is upping your caffeine intake – this article is for you.

Let’s look at how you can better manage your mental and physical energy and always be full of life and ready to go!

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