Why deep-fried food is such a bad food (even in moderate amounts)

deep-fried food

There is really no shortage of bad food out there – probably around 80% of what you can buy at grocery stores or restaurants is harmful to you in some way.  Some items merely require caution – and very close attention to their source and quality.  Some others, however, fall into the “really bad foods” category – no matter where or how you get them. One common type of such really bad food has more to do with the cooking method used, rather than the ingredients – because if you use this cooking method, you can easily destroy even the healthiest product and turn it into poison. The cooking method we are talking about is deep-frying.  It is used extensively […]

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How to live longer, slow down aging and feel awesome

Slow down agina

Are you dreading the time you will start aging? Perhaps you are very far from that point in life – but your current habits have a lot of influence on what happens then. Here are a few simple rules that will help you make sure that your golden years do not mean memory loss, lack of mobility, wrinkles and chronic diseases and that you will, instead, remain full of vitality, health, strength and energy.

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