Supplement selection pitfalls – and things to keep in mind

Herbal supplement bags

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to check out and comment on a certain supplement stack she found online.  This supplement claimed to contain about 200 different active herbal ingredients and, as a result – cure what seemed to be every malaise possible under the sun.  Fatigue, too much body fat, too little muscle mass, bad sleep, depression, slow metabolism, hormone disruption – you name it.  All of this was delivered in a convenient size and was claimed to be “super-concentrated” at a somewhat affordable price.

Seems like a great deal, right?

But, however tempting it sounds, we are not going to discuss this particular one supplement.  Instead, we are going to have a bit of a more general discussion about how to sort through claims made by supplement manufacturers and separate truth from fiction.

If you don’t know how to do this – you will be paying MEGABUCKS for supplements that are questionable at best – and often detrimental in the worst-case scenario.

So let’s look at a few important considerations when picking a supplement from a health store.

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Get better sooner: what to eat when you’re sick with cold or flu

man sick with cold or flu

Ah, that miserable feeling when you’re sick with cold or flu…  Sore throat, headache, muscle ache, fatigue, fever, cough, stuffy nose and perhaps nausea – and no desire to do anything other than lay in bed…

Not fun at all.

If you are lucky (and, generally, diligent in strengthening your immune system to prevent viruses and bacteria from taking you down) – you don’t get sick too often.  But whenever you do – it feels terrible.  A common question that is often asked is, then – what to eat when you’re sick.  Are there foods and supplements that help you get well quicker?  Today we will take a closer look at what you should eat, drink or take when you are sick with cold or flu – and why some conventional methods of overcoming the disease do not work that well.

But first – let’s get the basics right…

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No exercise time? No problem! (Or how often should you really work out)

No exercise time

Recently, due to the change in circumstances surrounding my work, I’m left with virtually no exercise time.

Yet, being in my 40s, my goals to remain strong, mobile and well-built are as ambitious as ever.  So, instead of using this as an excuse not to do anything, I had to find a way to make it work – and yes, there is always a way you can make it work.

For people who bet everything on spending countless hours in the gym, having their gym time cut almost in half is a disaster.  But you probably know by now that the effectiveness of an exercise session is only loosely correlated with its length.  As with many things in life – you have to find the “minimum effective dose” to get the most results with minimum effort.

So, is it possible to reduce exercise time and get better results?  It all depends on your starting point.  Perhaps your exercise routine is so perfectly optimized that there really isn’t room for further optimization.  If that’s the case – you probably aren’t spending too much time on it anyway, so fitting it into your busy schedule shouldn’t be an issue.

Most people, however, have the opposite problem.  They spend too much time exercising and then have trouble finding an appropriate time window during the day to slot their session in.  As a result – training sessions frequently get missed altogether.  For those of you who have this problem – there is a solution. Listed below is my personal approach to a shorter exercise time challenge.

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