Building muscle after 40 (Part II)

building muscle after 40

Continuing from Part I, we will look into how to prevent age-related muscle loss to extend your life, reduce the risk of injuries and dangerous metabolic disorders. Start implementing these tips today to build a strong foundation for the future!

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Fit at 40 and beyond – Part I (losing muscle mass)

Fit at 40

The risks of not being fit at 40 and beyond are very real. Can you afford to ignore them? What if you never really exercised properly – is it ever too late to start? Let’s start looking into the science of how you can reverse aging, retain agility and strength and look great!

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10 ideas to increase productivity and get more done

Imrprove Productivity

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have exceptional productivity and get so much done, while you struggle to find enough hours in a day to cover just a fraction of your growing list of tasks? These 10 ideas around managing your time and goals will help you claim your life back!

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