How to Gain Muscle Mass Naturally – 5 Key Variables for a Ripped Body

Female muscle building

So you want to know how to gain muscle mass fast.

That’s fair – whether you are a gal or a dude, growing lean muscle often means vastly improved  health markers and overall quality of life – and although your gender will ultimately determine the end result ( it is all but impossible for a woman to easily morph into a massive mountain of muscles, unless she has equally massive help from steroids) , the path to the end goal is the same.

We have previously discussed the benefits of bigger muscles multiple times, so the assumption is that at this stage you don’t need convincing and are just looking for the answer to “how”, rather than “why”.

There are two ways you can go about accelerating muscle growth.  You can spend a lot of time drooling over different “new and improved” tips on how to gain muscle mass in a wide variety of glossy magazines featuring ripped bodies on their cover and constantly switch between different workout routines  and new super-potent miracle supplements in search of something extraordinary.

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Yoga and the Magnificent Illusion of Fitness and Health


Remember when we first talked about how women who are trying to pursue better fitness and health goals should actually totally rethink their present routines?  Today’s article is going to be along the same lines.  We are going to talk about something that is near and dear to many females’ hearts – yoga.

Yoga is one of those concepts that have been totally hijacked (along with “cleansing” and “detox” – which yoga often appears coupled with, given that the quest for spiritual cleansing often inevitably leads people onto the path of experimentation related to physical cleansing) and overused to ultimately create a multi-billion dollar industry.  In the US alone, the self-reported amount spent each year on yoga equipment, clothing, yoga classes and accessories is close to a staggering $30 billion.

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The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals – Part V (Selenium, Zinc and Iron)

Minerals (selenium, zinc, copper)

(Continued from Parts I, II, III and IV)


Benefits of Selenium

Selenium supports efficient thyroid hormone synthesis, and protects from oxidative stress.

It is responsible for regulating the delivery of zinc (see below) to zinc enzymes throughout the body for proper zinc metabolism.

Selenium also supports cognitive function, immune system and fertility for both men and women. Studies have confirmed strong positive correlation between selenium and testosterone levels in males (good for both muscle building and sex drive).  On top of that, selenium increases sperm count and enhances sperm quality.

Severe selenium deficiency in adults is pretty rare, though minor deficiency is common and can have some unpleasant effects on our health.

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