Why cheat day works and how to use it

Cheat day meals

The concept of a cheat day – a rewarding temporary break from an otherwise restrictive diet plan – has been popular with a lot of people. And there is a good reason! While it is not strictly necessary, sometimes it may desirable. Sounds crazy? Read on!

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Quitting Bread: Why Adopt a Grain Free Diet

Grain based products

Quitting grains is one of the most difficult decisions for some people to make – a lot of us are very addicted to the smell of fresh bread, the sound of a perfect crust and the satisfaction that comes from eating bakery products. The problem is, though, that grains are not only unremarkable nutritionally – they may be downright dangerous and a clear disadvantage to anyone who cares about their performance, well being and longevity.

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Strength training for women: how to burn fat and look awesome

Today, once again, we are going to talk about strength training. For women the benefit of lifting weights for weight loss don’t seem to be apparent.  After all, many generations of females have been conditioned to resort to aerobic exercise any time they had a goal of trimming off body fat.  Strength training for women isn’t really a mainstream approach, because lifting weights has traditionally been perceived as a masculine activity and reserved for men. But if you are a woman and consciously avoid free weights – you are missing out on a LOT of benefits.  Burning body fat is just one of them. This is the best kept secret of the fitness industry that we are going to explore.

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Dietary Cholesterol Redeemed

Dietary cholesterol is not bad for you!

Let’s establish something before we start our discussion – and bear with me for a moment even it violates everything that you’ve heard so far – dietary cholesterol (and cholesterol in general) is NOT bad for you. Shocking, right?  Isn’t dietary cholesterol responsible for cardio-vascular problems?  Isn’t excess dietary cholesterol a major cause of death from heart attacks and strokes?  Aren’t we supposed to stay away from fat, read meat, avoid cholesterol in eggs and other  dangerous foods that make us obese and clog our arteries? You would be surprised, but the answer to all of those is – NO. For many decades, dietary cholesterol has been blamed for something it was not responsible for and this image is so deeply […]

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