How to get a Six Pack: the Fastest Way to Shredded Abs

Six Pack Abs

I want a six pack “I want a six pack” – these are the words I hear most often even from people (usually, men) who suddenly decide that they need to get back in shape. Six pack abs have some very special appeal.  Even people who don’t make any effort to get proportionally muscular and lean would kill to get ripped abs. It is the ultimate symbol of sexiness and the ultimate fitness goal. So the industry seems ready to offer various solutions.  Six pack abs workout videos, six pack abs diet and even some magic pills to blast belly fat are readily available to those willing to pay – and seem to be quite in demand. The success rate […]

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Being vegan: facts beyond the marketing hype

Vegan diet

In case you’ve been living in a bubble last 10 years or so – there is a huge vegan movement going on in a lot of countries that is changing the way people eat, dress and even choose regular consumer products.  Veganism is taking the world by storm.  The web is full of vegan recipes, publishers – big and small – produce hundreds of huge vegan cookbooks, vegan restaurants pop up even in the most remote areas and, vegan diets are considered by many the healthiest alternative of the modern day. The majority of people however, seduced by the widely advertised allure of healthy eating, lack of animal cruelty and other general benefits jump on the bandwagon without fully understanding […]

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Assembling your real estate portfolio: strategies to build wealth

Real Estate Portfolio

In Part I we briefly discussed the benefits of investing in real estate in general and hopefully, you were convinced that this is one of the absolute best types of investment available.  In Part II, we are going to look at a few different strategies of building your real estate portfolio.   Each strategy requires a lot of time to cover in detail, so it will only be an overview. There are many ways and many strategies you can use to invest in real estate.  Let’s look at some of the most popular ones that you can use.

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Over-hyped compounds: telling nutrition fact from nutrition fiction

Nutrition fact or fiction

If you have been following any decent fitness or nutrition magazine, you’ve probably read most of those claims.  They are cited as results of studies (Harvard University seems to be a favorite), picked up by marketers, put on labels, communicated from TV screens (when they help sell a product) and, by now, fully integrated into “common knowledge”. Certain foods became practically synonymous with the nutrients they allegedly contain.  Ask anyone what makes your teeth and bones stronger – and the answer is almost inevitably “milk”.  What is the most known source of vitamin C?  You got it – oranges, of course (or even orange juice). When does a nutrition fact become nutrition fiction?  Are you sure you are not falling […]

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