Strength Training at Home: What to Do When you Have no Access to a Gym

Strength training at home

Why people choose home strength training workouts over working out in a gym

Is strength-training at home better than joining a gym?  The answer is – it depends.  There are several factors to consider when leaning towards home exercise:

  1. Your schedule. If you have some crazy schedule and either need to sleep or work when gyms are open – your options may be limited, although 24-hour gyms keep popping up everywhere. Granted, if you have a crazy – and unhealthy – schedule like that, it needs to change in the first place, but if you are limited in time you can dedicate to your training, you would probably like that time to be spent efficiently and exercise at home, as opposed to having to wait in line until your chosen exercise machine becomes available;
  2. Your finances. Some gyms are ridiculously expensive – mostly because they offer some additional amenities (most of which you will never use).  It is nice to have access to multiple pools, rock-climbing facilities, rec rooms, shake bars, wet and dry sauna, squash, tennis and basketball courts, group exercise classrooms, cycling rooms, babysitting staff and personal trainers all in one place, but those mega-facilities usually cost a pretty penny.  If you realistically assess how many of those you truly need (and use), you might realize that you are paying for all of them, while using only three.  Finding a low-cost gym that only offers what you need may significantly cut your expenses.  At the same time, most people who quote high cost of gym membership as the reason not to go join one, usually don’t do exercise at home either – it’s just a convenient excuse;
  3. Your self-consciousness. Sometimes people absolutely refuse to work out in public.  Some are extremely conscious of their bodies.  Some are just generally very shy.  Some ladies only want to work out in women-only gyms which they don’t have in their area.  Some have strict religious beliefs that forbid working out in gym clothes among other men.  Whatever the reason may be, sometimes the privacy of your own home makes all the difference between doing at least some kind of exercise and not doing any exercise at all.
  4. No gym nearby. If you live in a community of a decent size, chances are – there is probably some kind of a gym around, even if it is not accessible by foot and requires some driving (if you are motivated enough – you will find a way).  But if you live in rural surroundings – finding a one might be tough. I’m not talking about your typical hotel gyms that have a tiny room with a couple of treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and a couple of inflatable balls.  I’m talking about real weight rooms.  If you have no access to one nearby, exercising at home may be your best and only option.

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Healthy Eating for Kids, Lunch Ideas for School and how to get kids to eat healthy

Healthy Eating for Kids

Promoting healthy eating for kids is a tough task these days – especially when trying to come up with small lunch ideas for school.  School lunch ideas suggested by grocery stores these days are nothing short of horrendous.  Bagged, boxed, canned and plastic-wrapped cornucopia of lunch options that are ready to consume in 3 minutes after pulling them off the pantry shelf seem to be a convenient and time-saving option.  But they are also a primary reason for a variety of health problems kids experience from very early days.  What is the secret to keeping children healthy?  Is there an option to get your kids to eat healthy meals in the age when even adults cannot be reasoned with and would rather opt for convenience and become slaves of their bad habits, rather than consider their own health?

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Real Estate Investing and building wealth – Part I

Real Estate Investing

What do topics related to real estate investing or how to become rich have to do with being an Alpha?

Quite a lot, actually. Remember, an Alpha (-male or –female) is a leader, role model and super-achiever in everything. And although we mostly discuss health, nutrition and how to crush it in the gym (because health and physical fitness is your foundation for succeeding in everything else), we do, sometimes, venture into other topics relevant to creating your perfect lifestyle.

One of these topics is money.

It is no secret that with more money you get more freedom – freedom to support your progress in all other relevant areas, freedom to eat higher quality food, freedom from the shackles of an unsatisfying job, freedom to make your own choices, freedom to pick the best gyms and the best equipment and freedom to use your time as you see fit.

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How to build muscle mass: 10 not-so-secret bodybuilding tips for bulking up

How to Build Muscle

So, you want to know how to build muscle mass…

I can’t blame you.  No matter how much of a social stigma and stereotypes surround the “meatheads”, bulking up remains the primary way to prove your “manliness.”

Of course, on top of purely aesthetic improvements and a huge confidence boost, there are lots of health-related benefits in packing more muscle mass and less fat – reducing metabolic disorders, reducing age-related sarcopenia (muscle loss), improving cardio-vascular health and a whole plethora of others.

Previous articles on hypertrophy (muscle growth) have introduced you to a few key rules on how to build muscle mass, so by now you should know the theory behind the science of bulking up.

A lot of impatient people, however, are guilty of making spontaneous changes to key bodybuilding rules in an attempt to get the results faster. In the end, the only thing they get faster is failure.

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