Eating organic – is it worth the effort?

Eating Organic Food

The shift to eating organic seems to be in full swing.  Beside dedicated organic supermarkets and organic grocery stores, more and more conventional ones carry organic produce and packaged organic food for people who are looking for healthy meals and paying attention to labels with nutrition facts.

What are the benefits of eating organic food (if any?)  Why should you care?  Are there any disadvantages of organic food?  Let’s take a closer look.

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Where to Get Motivation to Exercise

No Motivation to Exercise

Looking for motivation to exercise?  Try this!

Finding enough motivation to exercise – especially after you’ve been following the same workout routines for a while – seems to be one of the most challenging tasks.  No matter how much enthusiasm you may have when you just start out, that enthusiasm can quickly disappear with time when you realize that you can’t get ripped in a month or lose 60 pounds in a few weeks – despite a few “shortcuts” and almost guaranteed results when you follow a few simple rules, it all requires dedication and – most often than not – hard work.

Lack of motivation to exercise is one of the key reasons behind not achieving results.  People who lose motivation abandon their goals and sheepishly accept the reality the way it is, going back to square one and quickly negating all the previous progress.

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Overstated benefits of juicing: the ugly truth

Overstated Benefits of Juicing

Juice detox websites are abundant and continue to thrive. Most people believe that our bodies accumulate some inordinate amounts of filth and toxins and that some magical juice cleanse is going to flush all that bad stuff out of their systems.  Organic cleansing juices are among the most expensive items on grocery shelves and the variety of guided juice cleanse protocols and home detox systems is quite impressive.  “What is the best juice to drink to detox?” still remains a popular question.

Rarely does anyone stop to think (or properly research) the real benefits of juicing and the dangers of juice diets that overstate the pros and understate the cons.  Let’s look at what juicing really is (and what it is not) and how you may be scammed into paying big bucks for something very questionable.

Juice Detox: do not fall for the hype

While smoothies involve blending liquids and solids together – and ensure you consume the whole fruit (including fiber and, sometimes, even seeds) – juicing involves straining, to filter out all solids.

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Coconut Oil – key benefits (#3 will surprise you!)

Coconut Oil

Introduction – is coconut oil healthy?

A typical consumer of coconut oil uses it for frying or baking.  But on top of potentially being the best cooking oil (it does this specific job exceptionally well, as we will soon see) – it has a large number of other surprising applications.  Health benefits of coconut oil are so numerous that whole books have been dedicated to this Superfood!

Here are just a few common uses of coconut oil:

  • Adding texture and flavor to smoothies
  • Moisturizing skin, hair or lips
  • Applying topically to treat burns and cuts
  • Cooking
  • Using it as mild natural sunscreen
  • Fighting bacteria or fungi
  • Removing make-up
  • Using it as natural lubricant or massage oil
  • Treating flaky nail cuticles
  • Using it as an aftershave
  • Fighting acne
  • Relieving itching related to insect bites
  • Treating leather
  • Removing gum stuck to hair (apparently, it still happens to some people!)

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and while some of those uses of coconut oil may not apply to you, let’s explore what makes it so outstanding.

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